Restorative Dentistry

Little grins are a big deal! We gently care for your little one’s smile by boosting their dental health. We want you, the parent, to be apart of your child’s journey to a bright and beautiful smile!  

Stainless-Steel Crowns (Silver Caps)

Pediatric stainless-steel crowns are “caps” to enrich your child’s tooth from damage and decay. Your child’s tooth will be fitted with a “silver hat”, to strengthen their teeth. The “silver hat” is very strong so your child can enjoy eating their favorite foods again!

Pediatric White Crowns

Pearly whites? Tell me more! Pediatric white crowns strengthen your child’s tooth from dental findings such as tooth decay and damage. They have the same task as silver caps, but they blend beautifully with your child’s natural pearly whites.

White Fillings

Does your child have a case of the sugar bugs? By “sugar bugs”, we mean cavities that cause tooth decay. When children eat too much sugar, a cavity is created and weakens your child’s teeth. White fillings, or “white stars”, are placed inside of the tooth to restore those lovely chompers!    

Does Your Child Need Restorations in Boynton Beach?

At Miller Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to your child’s smile and will do everything we can to teach them how to care for their teeth for a lifetime of oral health. A child’s smile is an important part of their self-confidence, so allow us to restore their grin to ensure years of happiness! Contact us today to get started!

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