Your child’s first orthodontic appointment may be just around the corner! Braces are a terrific way to straighten the smile of a growing child. For parents, your child will enjoy our pleasant environment and gentle approach to orthodontic care!

Conventional Braces

Did you say braces? Yes, please! Braces have changed so much in the past few years that kids look forward to wearing them. Braces are metal wires and brackets that straighten your child’s teeth over time. They are customizable, so your child can choose their favorite color rubber bands to complement their braces!


To get your teenager in the teeth-straightening spirit, Invisalign for Teens is the way to go. Your teen will feel confident with Invisalign because of its clear aligning trays that discreetly straighten teeth. The aligners are removable, making it easier for your teen to brush their teeth and eat their favorite foods!

Space Maintainers

As your child develops, their mouth and teeth change too. Space maintainers leave room for your child’s permanent teeth to come into place after their baby teeth fall out. The maintainer keeps neighboring teeth from moving, to make way for your child’s growing permanent tooth.  

Does Your Child Need Braces in Boynton Beach?

Our goal is to educate you, the parent, and your child about the benefits of a straighter smile. Not only do braces enhance your child’s teeth, but it also boosts their confidence for a life time of happiness! Contact us today to make an appointment!

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